Passionate about sports since always, I wanted to make it my job. So I got my Master in Sports Training in 1993.
Born in Brazil, I arrived in France in 2008. Discovering this country, its language and its culture, was for me a dream since my childhood, so it was natural that I decided to come to work there.
Weight lifting, running, martial arts, squash, football … sport has always been at the center of my professional and personal life. I’ve always tried to push my limits and the ones of my students as coach: lift more weight, jump further, be faster.

In 2014 I discovered yoga and Acroyoga by a friend, through a five-days immersion in a monastery in Italy. It was amazing! Meditation, assanas, pranayama … all these particular words and techniques, which were unknown to me, began to be part of my daily life.
Since then, I did my yoga teacher’s training in Ashiyana school of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga recognized by the Yoga Alliance and Acroyoga in Acroyoga International school.
Nowadays I continue to participate in internships and immersions, in France and everywhere else.
The quest for the perfect body and physical perfection then leaves room for feeling, connection, sharing and listening to oneself. Of course, I continue to practice other sports activities in parallel, but I no longer pursue the same goals

Today, I wish to use my physiological and anatomical knowledge in the service of the softness, the concentration and the breathing of yoga in order to offer students a healthier practice, both listening to their body and of their mind.
I have been teaching and organizing yoga and Acroyoga classes for over three years now. Since 2019, with my association AcroAzur, I continue to develop Acroyoga, a discipline still little known on French Riviera.