What is vinyasa yoga ?
Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic yoga where the asanas (postures) are linked in a movement synchronized with the breathing. In Vinyasa we work as much flexibility, strength, balance as concentration, relaxation and meditation. Anyone can do it, but you need a minimum of physical fitness. Adaptations can be proposed during the lessons so that the student finds comfort in the effort.
How is a typical Acroyoga classes?

Each class is tailor-made. I program it according to the number of students and the experience of each one, the proportion of people who feel better as a base or flyer and the place where the class is given.
But as a rule, a typical class is made up of four parts:
1 – Warm-up: usually with yoga postures and / or exercises for two or three.
2 – Acrobatic toning, alignment and counterbalance exercises.
3 – Teaching postures together with techniques, so that the student moves from one to the other.
4 – Final discussion to share each other’s experiences during the class and to return to the state the student was in before the activity.

How long do I need to practice to be able to do a “Waouh” pose of Acroyoga?

Despite appearances, in one hour and a half lesson, you will be able to perform unimaginable poses. The most important thing is to be well-educated by someone competent.

Do I need to come to class with a partner?

No. During the class, we constantly change partners in order to better calibrate movements and poses with people of different weights, heights and levels. Not to mention the fact that we always train in groups of three people: the base, the flyer and the spotter.

What means “Base”, “Flyer” and “Spotter”?

Three roles are played in Acroyoga:
– The Base: who supports the flyer. Its main quality is stability.
– The Flyer: who makes the poses on the base. Its main quality is the lightness of the movements.
– Spotter: who helps the flyer and the base and ensures the safety of both. Your main qualities are safety and observation.

Am I too heavy to be a flyer?

Certainly not. Acroyoga works the alignments between the base and the flyer, thus minimizing the weight “problem”. On the other hand, the more we advance in the discipline, the more the poses and flows become more technical. Therefore, there is a tendency for the bases to be stronger than the flyers.

Is Acroyoga made for me?

Absolutely. Among the three existing roles in Acroyoga, the enormous amount of poses and movements, and knowing that the classes are different each time, I can say that most students appreciate the practice.

What kind of clothes should I bring to a yoga and / or Acroyoga class?

In Acroyoga as in yoga, we always practice barefoot or with non-slip socks; and preferably with clothes close to the body.

What is “Jam” in Acroyoga?

We call “jam” the meetings of acroyogis who meet and practice Acroyoga informally, that is, without a teacher. Usually, jams happen in parks or on a beach. The start time is fixed, but each one arrives and leaves whenever he wants. Friends and / or relatives are welcome to practice or just look.