Yoga, which in Sanskrit means “union”, is a practice or way of life that aims to rest the automatic activity of the mind linking the physical, the psychological and the spiritual. In the beginning, thousands of years ago, doing yoga meant sitting and meditating. Over time, asanas (postures) started to be part of the practice. Nowadays, especially in the West, Vinyasa yoga is one of the most practiced types of yoga.

Vinyasa means en sanskrit: “synchronized movement of the breath” in an uninterrupted flow. Vinyasa yoga proposes progression and continuity. The postures are connected in a more or less dynamic way, with well-studied sequences, where each asana prepares the next, both physically and energetically. The practice then becomes a form of meditation in motion, as in a dance, where we can find comfort in effort. Breathing is in charge. The body follows its rhythm in the most coordinated way possible.

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